Parts of Baseball Disappearing

“The remodeled dugouts in Wrigley Field have shifted the sightlines for Cubs manager Joe Maddon as he goes about his work each day. In the old home dugout — the sanctuary for generations of Cubs, from Ernie Banks to Kerry Wood — Maddon had an unencumbered view of his third-base coach.

But in the new dugout, Maddon sometimes has to peer around or over a railing to see Brian Butterfield, who is in his first year coaching third for Chicago, and Maddon says he’s still trying to get comfortable in his 2018 spot. And the box for the third-base coach in Wrigley is so close to the dugout that Maddon doesn’t really need to run through a series of elaborate signs, anyway, because he just tells Butterfield, in a stage whisper, what he wants.”

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SOURCE: ESPN, AP Photo/Patrick Semansky