Green Took Pay Cut For Warriors to Get Durant

“In the closing seconds of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, a giddy Draymond Green and Kevin Durant stood near the Golden State Warriors’ bench, high-fiving each other uncontrollably. The All-Star forwards have a personal ritual of double-tapping on high-fives after one of them makes a good play, thus the continuous slapping in this moment — which concluded in a massive hug — to celebrate their sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When the final buzzer sounded, Green, an NBA champion for a third time, burst toward midcourt to confiscate the game ball from rookie Jordan Bell and then gave it to team security official Noordin Said.

“Don’t let go of this ball,” Green relayed to Said before going back to celebrate with his teammates. “Don’t let it go.””

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SOURCE: Chris Elise/NBA/Getty Images, ESPN